My Laugher’s Comedy Club

My Laugher’s Comedy Club


If you ever wanted to try your hand at Stand-Up Comedy or improve your public speaking or punch up your sales pitch. We are looking for you. Here is your chance to how to do stand-up comedy.

Why:  We want to develop comedy talent for our comedy podcasts.
What:  My Laugher’s Stand-Up Comedy Workshop  PH: 424-279-4754
Where:  TBD
Date:  TBD 2017
Location:  TBD
Cost:  One 6 hour workshop is $45.00 Plus Lunch or Dinner
Follow-up one on ones are $25.00 per session.

Graduation Show:   My Laugher’s Virtual Comedy Club
Where:  TBD
When:  TBD
Comedy Ticket:  $20.00 per person plus 2 item purchase.

See drop down menu for dates and times. Cost: $45.00
Purchase Program:
See LIVE Stand-Comedy Showcase product page for 2017 showcase dates.